Fence & Deck

Western Red Cedar is a great material to use for the construction of your decks because of its natural oils, it is resistant to rot and insects.We are able to custom design and construct your dream deck that suits your needs and completes your vision. A deck is another room in your house except its outdoors.

Our team is very skilled and experienced in constructing decks and fences.

We are able to custom design and construct your dream deck that suits your needs and completes your vision. A deck is another room in your house except its outdoors. You will use it for relaxation on a hot sunny day or for a party, either way you will use it to cook, dine and entertain yourselves and your guests. By adding a gazebo or custom made benches, screens, railings, lightings, a fire pit and more, it will add to the overall look and use. Your backyard becomes a useful and entertaining space that will be used as much as any other room in your house.

Also, it is light and ages to a natural silver colour so yearly maintenance is not a requirement or you can choose to stain it to a colour of your choosing.Pressure treated lumber is mainly used for the framing of decks which is designed to resist decay and is economical that can be enjoyed for years. Railings are a safety feature for your deck and can become a beautiful part of your deck by having many different options to choose from, such as, iron-galvanized, aluminum with tempered glass or wooden railings.

The same goes for our fence design and construction. We have been constructing fences as long as decks, which is over twelve years of experience. You have many style options, two of which are semi-private or full-privacy fences to enclose your backyard, outline your property, keep your house private and secure and it is a beautiful backdrop for your landscaping; to create that “room”. Fences add to the overall look of your backyard design and we are able to fulfill your purposes and needs through great communication and great design.


We provide the best quality renovation services. We have taken on many small and large projects such as painting, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, basement renovations, walkouts, etc. We have completed countless housing projects along with office and restaurant projects. Our clients have always been very satisfied and happy with the aesthetics and quality of our work.Overall, our main goal is to provide the best quality work for our clients in any of our services starting from fences to decks to interlocking and landscaping to renovations.

Interlocking & Landscaping

Whether it is your front yard, side yard or backyard, interlocking and landscaping adds value and that “extra sparkle” to the overall look of your house. We can provide you with a great custom interlocking and landscaping design to fit your budget and needs.

Imagine having that beautiful enclosed backyard space with a custom designed deck that you use for relaxation and entertainment.

Now envision that space with interlocking stonework, trees and beautiful flowers, custom designed by your visions, surrounding your entrainment spot, which enhances the overall aesthetics and adds warmth to the space.You can always add a swimming pool for pool parties and gazebos for romantic dinners!
Our services will create a fun and safe space to enhance the quality of your family time and enable you to enjoy your backyard as another entertainment spot in your house, in the outdoors with trees and flowers surrounding you.